Protect II Project

Wave-Daphne-europa-combo-520pxProtect II was led by the Women Against Violence Europe network (WAVE) based in Austria, funded by the European Daphne II funding stream. 2010-2012

It brought together leading experts from research and practice in the field of domestic violence and the protection of women and their children at a high risk of harm from intimate partner abuse. The project included 16 partner organisations, 2 associate partners and 8 academic and judicial experts as advisory board members from 13 European Union member states (Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, The Netherlands, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, U.K), and from Switzerland and the EU candidate country Croatia.

PROTECT II aimed at building the capacity of practitioners in NGOs, law enforcement, judicial, health, social services and other para-legal professions to work more effectively through partnership and multi-agency practice to improve the risk assessment and safety management of cases of domestic violence.

De Montfort University held lead roles in the Protect II project including Co authorship of the Protect II on line learning resource, available now in 11 different languages on the WAVE website

5 Lead trainer dissemination events occurred in Sweden, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Spain and France in 2012, with a final evaluation conference in Austria in November 2012.

The Learning Resource
The Protect II Learning Material is intended to be used as a resource for trainers and practitioners to explore the possibilities and benefits of partnership working when dealing with high risk of harm domestic violence cases. Great efforts were made to ensure that it provided some useful tools and discussion points to encompass the wide variety of cultural, social and legislative contexts within which this work occurs across the European community.

The Protect II materials can be accessed via the following link