LGBT Community and Domestic Violence research networking event, hosted at DMU (24 September 2014)

(Pictured) Vanessa Bettinson of DMU’s Law School and Sarah Hilder of DMU’s Criminal and Community Justice Division were the academic co-hosts of De Montfort University’s colloquium on The LGBT Community and Domestic Violence. Challenges to Prevention, Protection and Intervention, in September 2014.

The day event featured a series of presentations and debate led by leading academics, professionals and campaigners

  • Raising awareness of the particular issues experienced by members of the LGBT community in relation to domestic violence and abuse.
  • The identification of regulatory and practical implementation challenges in relation to legal and policy provisions and the experiences of domestic violence by the LGBT community.
  • An evaluation of the extent to which sexual orientation is legitimately accommodated within legal structures, statutory and community based responses to domestic violence and abuse.
  • An exploration of how a proactive dialogue with LGBT community groups on the issue of domestic violence and abuse can be sustained

A discussion of possible frameworks that may be developed to continue research, policy and practice developments in this arena.

For abstracts and further information about this event, see:

Abstracts LGBT Event, 24 September 2014

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