Paula Forster

Abstract title: Understanding Domestic Abuse in the Context of an Evaluation of Leicestershire County Council’s Early Help Service

Keywords: Domestic Abuse, Early Help, Complex Needs, Troubled Families, Needs

Background and context

Leicestershire County Council commissioned an evaluation into their Early Help Service, a non-statutory service which was set up in response to the National Troubled Families Programme.


The evaluation involved a mixture of quantitative and qualitative research techniques which included statistical analysis and clustering of families against 57 needs captured by workers and detailed customer journey maps produced following one to one in depth interviews with families.


The evaluation identified nine distinct clusters of families receiving support from the Early Help Service including two clusters where domestic abuse featured significantly.


Findings from the evaluation is being used to inform service development and redesign and influence partnership development.

How to reach 50% active participant involvement

Presentation of the nine clusters will provide context to key findings in the evaluation.  Attendees of the workshop will have time to read and reflect on a journey map and apply a signs of safety approach to one family’s journey

  • What’s working
  • What could be better
  • What needs to happen

Author: Paula Forster